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Oishi Barrio Featured Vendor: Dani's Spooky Treats

“The pinnacle of who we are” Born out of a tradition made famous in Mexico in the 1950s, Dani’s Spooky Treats out of East Los Angeles is bringing back the heritage of original umeboshi (salted Japanese preserved plums) style chamoy.  Dani’s has created a sweet and spicy chamoy that will be familiar to both Latino and Asian cultures and send all our aunties and tias down memory lane. Attempting to pay homage to the original style of chamoy popularized by Teikichi Iwadare, a Japanese immigrant who settled in Mexico and created the popular dip and coating, Dani Castrejon Masumoto and her husband Erik see their 100% homemade chamoy as the perfect blend of their two cultures. If you consider that...

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Oishi Barrio Featured Vendor: Tacocidal Tendencies

It’s all Enthusiasm! If Miguel Cervantes Jr. hadn’t been working while hungry one day, his apparel brand Tacocidal Tendencies might not be here.  Born out of what 38-year-old Cervantes calls “a happy accident and joke,” Tacocidal Tendencies was created when he started playing with the band name Suicidal Tendencies for another project he was working on. The fact that the graphic designer hadn’t had dinner yet made him use taco as a replacement. The native Angelino thought the result was so funny that he decided to adopt it permanently. Cervantes couldn’t have guessed that the unplanned business he stumbled upon in jest would still be going strong and gaining popularity six years later. “This is all born out of enthusiasm,”...

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