Oishi Barrio Featured Vendor: Tacocidal Tendencies

It’s all Enthusiasm!

If Miguel Cervantes Jr. hadn’t been working while hungry one day, his apparel brand Tacocidal Tendencies might not be here. 

Born out of what 38-year-old Cervantes calls “a happy accident and joke,” Tacocidal Tendencies was created when he started playing with the band name Suicidal Tendencies for another project he was working on. The fact that the graphic designer hadn’t had dinner yet made him use taco as a replacement.

The native Angelino thought the result was so funny that he decided to adopt it permanently.

Cervantes couldn’t have guessed that the unplanned business he stumbled upon in jest would still be going strong and gaining popularity six years later.

“This is all born out of enthusiasm,” Cervantes shared. “An enthusiasm for tacos and Southern California culture.

Now Tacocidal Tendencies is a microcosm of all the things that influenced Cervantes growing up in Southern California. His upbringing in the punk and skate culture of Southern California, mixed with his love of tacos, and Los Angeles sports, continues to guide his art. 

“If you’re about L.A. culture, SoCal culture, this is for you,” Cervantes emphasized. “It’s kind of this weird perfect storm of Southern California culture.”

And although the Mexican-American designer has started branching out into non-taco-related art recently after being on the early cusp of the taco craze, the namesake tortilla treasure is still the centerpiece of the brand especially given its increased visibility and popularity in mainstream culture recently.  

“I’m enjoying it. The more tacos the better. I still never get tired of eating them,” Cervantes laughed. “It is kinda a trip, they’re all over. I’m very interested in where this trend goes.”

For certain, wherever it goes, Cervantes and Tacocidal Tendencies will be involved enthusiastically.

Not at all bad for being an accidental pioneer in the taco movement.