The Hello Stranger Foundation

The Hello Stranger Foundation 83-1296140 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) cultural organization working to provide groups and individuals in local Los Angeles communities with skill development rooted in sociocultural relevance.

We seek out those that are the most vulnerable or under-serviced and those that are willing to go out and serve, to then foster a growing cycle of symbiotic evolution.

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To uplift and inspire marginalized communities by ways of education, cultural programming, and professional development.



Our vision is a healed society in which all feel supported, cared for and seen, to then be able to thrive in our individuality for the sake of our united progress.



The idea for The Hello Stranger Foundation was planted at a young age in Angela Romero, it’s founder. With the exposure to a drive for civil duty in her family, and the richness of culture in LA’s neighborhoods, the idea grew to its eventual formation. It continues to flourish out of constant inspiration from the needs of her city and the support of the Hello Stranger community.


Current Programs

To launch our services, The Hello Stranger Foundation is starting off with a culinary arts program for under-served communities to promote cultural awareness and promote skill building. Next up is a scholarship program for youth to young adult with vested interest in building their musical skillset in the DJing, in partnership with a local sound institute of fine repute.



















320 E. 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90012