Oishi Barrio Featured Vendor: Garments For No One

A bit of you in the product

When you hand make every article of clothing that carries your name like L.A.-based Garments for No One, it’s natural to feel like a little bit of you goes into each piece.

For Creative Director Dennis Lopez, each piece is personal and honest.

Although he grew up in the streetwear culture that brands like Supreme dominate, now that Lopez is in his thirties, he didn’t feel like they were for him anymore.

“I still wanted to dress fresh, you know, and so I decided to try to start making stuff that I could wear,” Lopez recalled.

When Lopez was growing up, he claims the streetwear brands he supported were relatively inexpensive. Their rising popularity because of what Lopez calls the “prestige and cache” of owning them has made these brands unattainable due to the cost for many people, especially those that look like him.

It was that realization that led him to ask, “Who are they making these garments for?”

His answer was that they were making garments for no one, at least no one that he knew.

Lopez decided that he would start a clothing brand dedicated to providing an attractive but above all affordable aesthetic for people, with an emphasis on providing quality for people and Latinos like him.

“Right now, everyone is taking from our communities, but no one is giving it up for us,” Lopez rebuked. “I want for people to be able to see that we in the Latino community is cool too. We’re fly, and I want us to have a voice in the clothing culture.”

Lopez wants Latino kids to see his clothes, be inspired, and believe that they can make clothes that speak to them as well.

“You can find hidden gems if you look in the right places,” Lopez exclaimed.